Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: PMD (Personal Microderm)

Hi guys :D
I finally managed to friggin' stop procrastinating and finish this review!

PMD (Personal Microderm)
I ordered this product last year, around May. It arrived May 4th. It arrived in 4 days from America :D

What I ordered was the PMD itself and a replacement disc set, the blue one.
Right now, I've moved to the green disc so I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the blue one LOL.

The PMD I ordered is the International version, which costs USD181, the replacement discs are USD14.95. I believe that I ordered it with a code, because the total was USD146.96.


Shipping was USD32.95

So overall, it cost: USD179.91

Converted, that's BND227!
But yeah, I wouldn't have gotten this if I didn't tell my mom about how good it is LOL.

She got it for me, planning to use it too but in the end only I'm the user >_>;
Oh mommy.

With that price-tag, do I think it's worth it? Read on to find out!


So, how did I end up buying this product in the first place?

1: Paid for a microdermabrasion package at Skintologist for about BND850+ for 10 treatments. If it's stand-alone, it's BND120/treatment. I COULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE THAN ONE PMD!!!

2: I sometimes don't have time to go for my treatments, heck, I still have two sessions.

3: Skintologist itself said 10 treatments aren't enough but I'm not crazy enough to pay another BND850+ for the treatment.

4: My acne can't wait back then. My scars I mean.

5: There was a sale code!

Seeing YT gurus getting sent this product didn't make it any better either lol. But I preferred the reviews of those who actually bought it, NOT BEING SENT IT.

Immediate results? HM.

Uncover vibrant, healthy skin with PMD Personal Microderm. It uses the same Aluminum Oxide crystals on the patented spinning discs, replicating the treatment given in Doctor’s offices. Vacuum action gently pulls skin towards the disc for optimum exfoliation. Once the hand-held tool removes the dead skin cells and reveals a clear, healthy complexion, your skin is able to absorb products much more effectively. The system includes 3 levels of exfoliating discs for controlled intensity.   
With this system, women of all skin types are able to rejuvenate their skin, building brilliant confidence. The PMD Personal Microderm device unclogs pores, smooths, evens tone, reduces blemishes and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles  
Mine didn't come with the White "Extra Gentle" disc. I guess that's new!
There's also another version, the PMD Pro, which costs USD199.
For this version, it has 2 speeds.


There are 4 kinds of replacement discs you can get for the PMD:

White (Training/Ultra Sensitive Skin)

For PMD Personal Microdermabrasion users with sensitive skin or are learning to use the device. The White discs provide the lowest level of exfoliation.

Blue (Sensitive Skin)

For PMD Personal Microdermabrasion users with sensitive skin or first time users. The Blue discs provide the second level of exfoliation (White is the lowest). 
Green (Normal Skin)

For PMD Personal Microdermabrasion users with normal (non-sensitive) skin or those who’ve used the device before. The Green discs provide the third level of exfoliation (White is the lowest, Blue is second).
Red (Normal Skin)

For PMD Personal Microdermabrasion users with normal (non-sensitive) skin or those who’ve used the device before. The Red discs provide the fourth level of exfoliation (White is the lowest, Blue is second, Green is third).

With this, they also have some skincare that helps promote regeneration for the skin that's been sloughed off but I didn't order that! If you're interested, just go to the shop.



-1 PMD
-6 Exfoliating Discs (2 Green, 4 Blue)
-1 Electric Cord
-2 Caps (1 Large for Body/1 Small for Face)
-1 Reusable Filter
-Instructions for Use (CD and Sheet)

The blue box is my replacement disc.
What's cool about the International Version is that it comes with four different kinds of plug adapter thingies. Just look at the picture to see what I mean LOL.

Naturally of course I'll go for the 3-Pin Plug :D



First, you'll have to watch the CD that comes with it for live demonstration.
It's actually a required step for you to use the product!!

Firstly, you have to be aware about your skin type. 
If you have sensitive skin, go for the training one (which I didn't have) and the blue disc. This is gentle enough for newbies and for training.

Prior to using each discs, you are required to prep it over the palm of your hand, this makes it more suitable to use on the face.

The key element of using the PMD is to keep it moving and not repeat the same area more than once. ESPECIALLY for sensitive skin. You can move it horizontally and vertically. I prefer to just go with the flow since I have very strong thick skin (unfortunately).

Before using, you'll also need to adjust it. Decide what cap to use, whether for the face or the body, etc.

The discs are reminiscent of gentler sandpaper.
It does not hurt when you use it.

My PMD. Current disc is green.


1. Cleanse your face. Wash it, remove all oil, makeup, and dirt. Make sure you don't have any stray hair hanging around.

(Be careful of your eyebrows too, I've got my brows PMD-ed once. It ain't pleasant)

2. Use your fingers to stretch your skin taut. Keep the PMD moving over your skin constantly. DO NOT HOVER IN ONE SPOT. This may result in irritation and scabs!

3. When the PMD is on contact with your skin, it will make a different suction sound. Move the PMD in upward and horizontal motions. You can focus more on trouble spots, just make sure you don't stay on one area too long and keep it moving.

4. Use either the recommended products or your own. Use cell renewal serums and creams. Apply toner to balance pH of skin. Wait 5 minutes. Apply serums and creams.

5. Apply the skincare everyday.

6. Use sunscreen for at least 3 days after treatment. As your skin will be sensitive. Applying sunscreen will also help prevent or reduce pigmentation of scars while under the sun.

7. You can use cosmetics after the treatment but I don't suggest that you do.

8. Clean your PMD. There will be an instruction on this. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.

9. Recommended use is ONCE A WEEK. But I think personally, for me, twice might be fine. Like I said: I HAVE THICK SKIN.

There are other Do's and Don'ts but yeah, you'll get to read it if you order the product!


Do I like this product?
Yeah, sure. I do. It's basically a cheaper way than going to facial places :T

However, it all depends on how dedicated and how often you use it.
You're supposed to use it at least 4 times a month, but I don't use it all that often.

I'm more comfortable to use it with a mirror right in front of me so it's a bit of a hassle.

I used to use it a lot when I had scars on my face. I mean, more scars than now.
But it was a bit scary to use the product when you're using skincare that is not all that natural.

I started using it again when I got reminded that I HAVE the product when I saw that Sarah bought one. I asked if she bought the skincare but she said she'll use Dr.Pico products with it.

THEN, it makes sense!


So yeah, I've been using it together with it.

But not as often, I prefer to use gentle exfoliators or the sugar scrub ones.
But this works a lot well with dry, flaky skin. I noticed this.

With the PMD, the Hydrogel Mask sticks better.

However, I definitely think it's more of a tool that I need to push myself to use.


Let's move on to~


-Cheaper way to have microdermabrasion at home rather than going to the facial salons.
-Sturdy and long lasting.
-Effective depending on how you use it.
-Affordable, if you compared it to salon prices.
-Different sensitivity discs for different skin.
-Has a skincare line you can use.
-Helped fade scars.


-Only available online.
-Discs need to be changed a lot, if you use it quite often.
-Pricy, if you think about it.
-If you're lazy, like me, you might forget you even bought it LOL.
-Non-rechargeable, so it's not that convenient. You have to have the cable.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Useful but not a holy grail. It helps exfoliate skin better but you need to have a proper regime and dedication for it to be 100% effective. I haven't tried it with the skincare)

Will I buy this again?

No? Maybe just the discs. If I ever break it (GOD NO), then maybe. Especially when I'm older and my skin needs more love and more collagen to come out.

Do I recommend this?

Yeah if you have the funds for it and if you have problem skin.

Where can you buy this?

You can get it on the site, here.
There are other places but the site actually ships internationally so yeah!


That's it for my review. That was a long one!

I wanted to put as much details on tools, so you don't have to search for more info. 
But you can always do that.

If you have it and you think it changed your skin, do leave a comment!

'til then, take care!!



  1. It'd be great if I could try it out ^o^ It's too bad it's so expensive x.x My mom has gotten microderm by professionals and it seemed to have worked c: I used to have mild acne back in junior high --> mid high school and now I have some scars on my cheeks.

    Why does acne have to be so stubborn o3o Even when it's finally gone, the scars still remain =__=

    You're reviews are always so thorough btw XD It must take so long to make them! They are well appreciated!


    1. Acne scars are the worse!!
      I think having acne is fine (if not cystic) but it's the SCARS!! The scars are evil!

      For my skin, it gets pigmented very fast which is super duper annoying that sometimes even my HG concealer can't seem to cover it well >_>;

      ( ;_; ) sometimes I think they're unnecessarily long.

      I'm trying to make the makeup reviews more short but if I have a system going on, I'd want to keep it that way XD; OCD much lol.

      Thanks for commenting as always Rei :3

  2. hi, can you share the discount code?

    1. The discount code I used was from last year. Maybe if you Googled it, it'll come up? Usually YT-ers would have some codes :)

  3. I just bought this from Watson in Singapore. Quite surprise they have it there. Haven't try it yet but it cost me close to $280, more expensive than buying online it seems. Oh well... Can't wait to use it! :)

  4. I saw your review and I had to share: I actually just bought my PMD and I really love it so far! My scars are fading and my pores are shrinking! The discs last a fairly long time depending on how aggressively you use them and are a decent price, especially now that they offer a disc subscription that comes with a lifetime warranty for your device! I'm hooked and I hope it continues to get the results I want.

  5. Here are the review
    Discount code: ALPHA15


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