Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Brush Cleaning Essentials!

So, lately I've been on a brush buying spree.
Real Techniques, Zoeva, Ecotools, Sigma...brandless brushes from China, you name it.
I am loving brushes! Not sure if I'd want to splurge on Hakuhodo and stuff yet though...

If you want reviews on them, do tell. I've been very out of touch with the blogging world (yet again)

I love having new brushes in hand, more than buying makeup now I guess.
Probably because brushes last longer than makeup, if you take care of them.

But y'know, with every brush you buy, you also need to clean them.

These are my brush care essentials :D


1) Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge (BND2)

This is a favourite with a lot of bloggers and vloggers! I can assure you, it's for a good reason. I have two other brush cleansers, one is from Cyber Colors and the other one is the Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner. Let me tell you, NOTHING cleans my sponges and brushes like the detergent does. You simply add a bit of it to water, dip your brushes in, swirl and take it out. Use your hands (this will dry them out though) or a silicone egg, mat or glove and swirl it around. Wash it under some running water, being careful not to get water into the glue. You'll have clean brushes in no time.

2) Silicone Mats, Brush Egg and Glove (BND2~6)

Sigma made popular the brush gloves, says it'll make it faster. It's basically a silicone oven glove with fancier ridges. Instead of that, I read from My Women Stuff about the silicone mat and the brush egg dupe. It's basically the same thing. I got my brush egg from a local seller though, had I known it's sold for USD1+ online, I'd have bought it online! HMPH! There's also this oven glove you can use to keep your hands kinda dry. It's effective but some of the makeup stained my mat :T darn it!

3) Brush Tree Dupe from Aliexpress (BND14~40)

There are a lot of people putting their brands on this brush tree dupe, so it honestly depends on how much of a shopper you are. You'd have to wait a long time for an online order perhaps, or get it more expensive immediately. All depends on you. Do you need it? Yes, absolutely! I have a review up. It honestly is very helpful and helps dry brushes faster. I still put them outside to air-dry of course.

4) Alcohol to Sanitise (BND3~5)

Of course you'd need to sanitise your brushes. I use 70% alcohol solution. 90% would dry them out way too much. I just spritz them, and sometimes I mix it with the cleansing solution but it really depends on my mood. Honestly I sometimes skip this for my personal brushes, I need to look up on ways to sanitise my brushes more effectively. Do leave tips if you have any!

5) Kitchen Utensils Container (BND1~3)

This is for me to store my brushes in my drawer. Helps a lot :D

6) Handwash Basin Thingy (BND1~3)

I recently discovered this and found out that I like it more than the silicone things :O It's cheaper too. I found a small one at the supermarket and immediately bought it. Tested it out and well, it works!! Mostly for face brushes, but still works for small ones too. The ridges aren't too close together so it won't be as effective to clean eye brushes.

7) Hand Towels (BND1~5)

Before you put your brushes on the brush tree, wipe them off dry with a towel first, definitely a must!


I need to help my mom clean her makeup brushes. Hers are so dirty -3-; and dusty, I dunno how she's not broken out from it...but yeah, these are my essentials :D

Hope that helps, kinda.
If my writing is a bit off, well, I AM a bit off right now.

But yeah, I hope you can get your essentials at such a deal too :> no need to splurge on things when cheaper things works just as well.

Do you use any of these things? Do tell me what your essentials are!

'til then, take care!

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