Monday, August 25, 2014

SkinFood and Essence Cosmetics Mini Haul

Hi guys :)
This is really an impulse buy (and I've really been good with my shopping I think), I was having a bad day, and well, it's been ages since I've gone out.

Like, really. Shopping, movies, etc. None, I haven't done any of that.

Well, correct me if I'm wrong...but I really don't think I've bought anything in a while.

Well, except for the Raya sale I think :T

Anyway, I actually went to the The Mall to receive my giveaway gift from the newly opened SkinFood branch...but when I arrived, they didn't have it.

I'm like, "Okay, I'll look around."

SkinFood kills me with their awesome packaging, it was very hard to resist sometimes.

Then...I saw this hand cream.
Apparently it's a bestseller too.

Just look at that cow.

Photo taken at The Mall's food court, believe it or not.

I couldn't resist.
Plus it smelled nice and feels nice on the hands too.

The SA also gave me a sample of the Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Gift Set because I was actually inquiring about the products (the spot serum specifically). I guess I'll try it out once my EH sample toner runs out (oh wait, I did buy something recently from EH...skincare needs :x)

From Paloma, I just got the things I've been wanting plus the lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty.

They didn't have testers yet for some of the items so you really have to depend on the colour provided. Luckily for me, the colour is exactly what I imagined it to be.

( u_u ) if I wasn't feeling shitty, I might have had more self-control.

Just feeling off since Eid.


'til then, take care :D

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