Sunday, January 25, 2015

Benjabelle Brush Tree Dupe :O (Review)

Hi guys! Yes, yes, it's been a while since I last updated. This is like my first post of the year.
I've had some downs in life, ugh, even typing about it is giving me anxiety.

I've been praying so hard for it to go away and health wise, I just got sick again.
All I'm gonna say is that I should have never let my ex back into my heart and back into my life.

Especially since he works at friggin' Times Square and I can't watch movies there or walk around there ANY FUCKING MORE without risking a panic attack. That means no Airport Mall or Citis Square as well.

*takes a deep breath/my anxiety just spiked up*

Anyway, I've had this since last year (well, December), shipping took like a month?
I ordered mine off of Aliexpress with the help of my brother.

You can also find them on eBay.

They have many designs now but I have the Rosalind one.

It's smaller than I thought BUT it does the job well, and it fits all of my brushes. Even the ones with a fat handle.

Sorry for the crappy pic, it's taken with my iPod Touch in bad lighting.
It's not made with the most quality, I gotta say. The acrylic does not align with the rubber thing and the middle stand is very flimsy. Like, very.

It seems like it'd break easily, so I'll deduct points from that.

The "brush tree" fits 26 brushes: 4 large handles, 6 medium handles and 16 small handled brushes.

When you receive it, you'll have to remove the sticker from the acrylic yourself so be careful because you might break the flimsy parts.

It doesn't align very well.
Another thing I have to mention is that some of the holes weren't properly cut, so you'll have to poke the holes a bit yourself.

It can fit most brushes.
If I'm not mistaken, I bought this for BND16+

If I compare it to the Benjabelle Brush Tree.... (well, from pictures and other reviews)

This is an affordable alternative but don't expect the same quality, as it is obviously produced to be cheaper and more accessible. This "brush tree" is shorter and smaller but it still gets the job done.

The Benjabelle has more designs and the price ranges from USD19.95~39.95

So, would I buy another one of these dupes?

But will I buy the Benjabelle original?

They both do the same thing.

It depends really, on what you're looking for :)

Are you planning on getting a brush tree?

'til then, take care!


P.S: for the record, I've made my own dupe before this, but it's such a hassle to make lol and I need to hang it outside but I'll show it to you next time haha. I only got the brush tree because I finally bought some 'pricier' brushes lol.

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