Saturday, March 28, 2015

Makeup For PAC 'Kuriose' & BJFA Haunted House (Thoughts and Regrets)

Well, some of it anyway.

For the PAC show, I did makeup on my cousin, her co-host Insan and King Arthur (and quite crappily on Vanessa -I'm so sorry ughhh-) I honestly thought I'd do the makeup of the hosts only, actually, just my cousin LOL. That's what I was meant to do. To do some other people on the side made me a bit frustrated because I didn't have all the things I'd need.

I don't think I have any close-ups of my cousin on the day itself that's clear enough, so this should suffice.

Since it was meant to be stage makeup, I made sure the blush is as bright and pigmented as possible (honestly, it wasn't pigmented, I just layered it like hell). The test makeup I did for the full-dress rehearsal used a hot pink, but my sister thought it was too weird, so on the day itself, I used an apple red. The eyeshadow on the full-dress rehearsal was a bit rough, so I made sure to blend better on the day itself.

If you noticed it, there's a missing spot on the brows LOL
I used only brow powder xD
This pic is a bit washed out.
Full-dress rehearsal pic.
My cousin is allergic to SPF so I made sure none of the products contained SPF. She used her own BB Cream from TheFaceShop because it lasts and she's not allergic to it. I think I also used the Tony Moly Pot Concealer in shade 01.

She also did her own eyelashes with my Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' mascara.
She likes the mascara. Hah.

I wanted to add falsies, but I was questioning it too. She has hooded eyelids and well, I don't. So I didn't want to risk it either. Allergies and stuff, y'know.

*Pics are taken by...someone tell me!*

It shows up on stage, yes!
Actually, I was told to make the eye makeup a bit higher up, so on the day itself, I was like "Screw this, let's make it touch your brows!" and so it did.

For the brows, I used the Zoeva 322 Brow Line and the Makeup Academy Brow Kit.
Guys, if you're getting ONE brush, get this brush.

It's AMAZING. Well, for applying it on another person anyway. I haven't tried it for myself xD
There's just so much precision with it.

All about the eyes. 
I made sure to blend it better on the real day lol
For the base, I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Inked in Pink'
Then I layered the two pinks from the Sleek Ultra Mattes V1, then I used the 42 Stack Shimmer Palette and patted shimmery purples and pinks.

I didn't put eyeliner because she felt like it didn't need eyeliner.
Kinda agreed.

Or maybe I did, I don't remember anymore.

I'm not sure if it's the makeup or she just looks evil.
For the lips, she used a Tony Moly Lip Stain that was blood red, then I added some gradient on the sides with Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick in 'Cranberry'.

I then sprayed Urban Decay's 'de-slick Makeup Setting Spray'.
I dunno if it did anything tbh LOL

Oh yeah, she was also using my wig xD it was a tangled mess BUT LOOK, it looks so good on stage xD

It's this wig!
Ignore the crappily PS-ed brows, I didn't have my burgundy liner back then.
In comparison, the makeup I did on Insan and Arthur was....ugh, not that good.
I did it roughly, because I thought I'd have time to touch up more. Considering the things I had to work with (or lack of), as a base it was okay ;-;

I had to have someone help me touch up though, make it darker.
Thank you guys!

And Vanessa's...I feel like I've tortured your eyes T-T

So basically, yeah, I need to build my kit better.


As for the BJFA Haunted House, I did my own makeup and just helped with the SFX application for Umi.

We didn't have a lot of time, I came late. I'm sorry uguuu.

As you can see from the photos, it did not blend as well as I wanted it to.

Because this one doesn't dry, and we didn't have any liquid or cream white makeup, I couldn't blend it with white. That annoyed me a bit ;-;

This was the second batch, the drier batch, and you can see how dry it is, and how thick.

*Pics are taken by Ninja (?!)*

Before blending.
Thankfully Umi had some coconut oil (I think it was coconut), so I could blend it a bit to the skin.

She did her own base, and Lynn (I think that's the spelling) helped with the eyeliner and blood application.

Umi was applying the essence All Matt Powder.
 Yeah, I wish I had some liquid/cream white.

Before blood and eyeliner.
I wanted to do more blood but she's a minimalist xD

After blood and eyeliner.
However, we did end up making it more bruised and bloody half way through the scaring session (because the scar wax dried up -because it was already dried as hell-)

It was cracking.
Y'know, Ju-On has her mouth open most of the time lol
*Pic by Umi*
If you cover the sides of the mouth with your finger, it does look good.
I didn't want to put it too close to the mouth, because I did when I did my makeup the other day...and I had the fake blood too close to my mouth.

It was horrible.

Anyway, for the second day, I was supposed to be a scary doll.
Not scary, more like creepy.

I wasn't feeling it.

Makeup test.
Somehow, the one with thick eyeliner makes it more doll-like.
I was trying to follow the traditional Japanese doll.
But yeah, but my eyes don't fit it lol

Ugh, my dry lips.

Can I cry? lol

I should have done both sides I guess, but there was a time limit and I really wanted to scare people.

This was the day I bruised my knee from the jump scares.


My poor yukata as well.

That's dedication, y'know.
Thankfully I didn't damage it.


So, here are my thoughts and regrets:

- If only I had a complete kit and was told in advanced about doing makeup on extra people, I'd be more satisfied with my work. I guess I should have known better. But yeah, lesson learned.

- I CAN do makeup faster, I'm just slow lol. Or I want it to be perfect, at least on my cousin.

(Pretty sure I'm a closet perfectionist that works last minute. I expect last minute perfection, can that be done?)

- I NEED assistance, even Pro-MUAs have some assistance in doing other things at the same time, to make it faster. So thank you guys, who were willing to help and half-do their own makeup.

- I know I could do better. Pretty sure I can do better.

- I don't multi-task apparently. Not very well, anyway.

- I do not work well when I'm hormonal. I nearly punched some people lol. Or had thoughts to do so.

- I need to label my products (especially during Kuriose, where everyone wanted to borrow stuff - I had to borrow black eyeshadow as well)


But yeah, that's about it.
I guess.

Haha..I wanna buy proper SFX stuff ;-;

'til then, take care!

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