Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cooking is So Fun (Pic Heavy)

Yeah, I know. I've been gone again.

Not for any good reasons I guess, mostly just having no inspiration to write stuff.
I've had some things that happened in between the last time I updated until now...like getting two of my wisdom teeth out, went on a short holiday, slapping people-- stuff.

Basically, stuff.

...and procrastination. I've had some drafts but I never managed to post them yet.


I'll be having two hauls in one post maybe.
My KL haul and my Paloma haul (might add first impressions here and there)

Anyway, food.

I don't know if I've shared anything recently but if you follow my Twitter (I've deleted my old personal IG), I do share some of them on there.

Cooking's just therapeutic somehow. Last year I mostly learned to cook more stuff to prepare for possible married life, and just to see if I'm any good at cooking. I don't really cook Malay food though, I go for Western, or Eastern..I just find Malay food too oily for my liking.

AND I still don't know how to cook rice (mostly laziness to learn)

Well, here are some pics of food I've been happy with :)

I cook with no rules, I don't really measure...so I'm not a good baker.

Attempted an old recipe, kinda overcooked it a bit but it was still edible!
Followed Nigella's recipe, with slight adjustments.

This one was a meatball/meat patty thing. It was really good.
I forgot what spices I used though.

Chicken marinade challenge with my mom.
We both did a good job :D (but I prefer mine better 'coz it's thicker)

I love baking cookies. There was a time where I just tested out different stuff.
Measurements, ingredients, timing...etc.
Some hits and some misses. 

Potatoes, Cream and Cheese.
Made with my sister. I was in charge of mandolin-ing the potatoes.
Scary experience.

Also made with my sister.
Carbs on Carbs with Chicken.
It was really good!

Wasabi Mayo Chicken Stuff.
I really liked this one. I should make more of it.
People don't like the wasabi but I do!

My sister's work of art.
I helped too, of course! But it's mainly her recipe.

This one followed OnePotChef's recipe :)
Really love snacking on these.

Another cookie experiment.
Tried tweaking ingredients.
Added mint...didn't not like it LOL

Chamchijeon (Tuna Pancakes)
Really simple, really tasty!

Tried making choux creme (cream puffs)
The texture and taste was alright but the custard needs work.
Need to learn how to make the cream properly.

This one was another experiment.
Family approved but I found it too sweet.
Good texture though.

My host mom's recipe for pasta salad :)
Really missed eating this in Japan so I tried making it.

My Muesli and Cream Cheese Cookies.
LOVE THIS (and I can actually bake this consistently!)

Steak with Mushroom Sauce ala Antam.
Quite happy with this one. Family liked it too.

Mushroom Risotto with a Sprinkling of Blue Cheese.
It was missing something...hm.

Steak :3
I'm the official steak cook in this house now.

I like mine medium but everyone likes it well done.
I add blue cheese on mine, it's so creamy!
Have you noticed that most of them are yellow? Beige?
LOL. Why do I cook yellow stuff?! I guess it means I cook mostly carbs.

Not a lot of veggies huh? I generally don't cook them, I boil them or grill them lol
But yeah, ideally, I'd serve the steak with veggies, mash or couscous I guess.

But yeah, cooking is so fun.
If it's not attacking you anyway.

I kinda wanna ask for a pasta machine for my birthday, been wanting to make blue cheese ravioli lol

Maybe I will :3

Do you like to cook?

'til then, take care!

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