Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Spatula (Depotting Korean Shadows Easily!)

What you need~

This was actually supposed to be posted on Instagram on the 16th but I got too lazy lol.
You see, if you have this mixing palette or you do sculpting things, you've surely seen this before.

This end is useful (when used carefully)

I got mine when I ordered the palette (it's useful when you do makeup jobs) and lately I've been using it for a lot of things. I clean it a lot of course, with soap and alcohol. If that's wrong, do correct me.

But yeah, one day, I was sitting down and was organising my single eyeshadows, and I realized that the Tony Moly one has a big space in between the pan and the acrylic casing.

You probably can't see it well.

So I tried depotting this, it was easily removed from the acrylic.

The Etude House one is much more compact.

But both were removed very, very easily.
You just pry it gently (but insistently).

After a while, it'll just pop out.

I thought before this, you might need heat for everything.
But then again, this was only tried on Korean single eyeshadows.

I need to try it with other things.

They fit right in.
The spatula is a very useful tool.

I use it to scoop out foundation, to scoop out a tiny bit of night masks, mix foundations...etc.

Just be sure to sanitise it :D

It is definitely versatile!

If you have a lot of single shadows lying around from the Korean brands, do try this.
I've tried it with the SkinFood and also Holika Holika ones. They pop right out!

So yeah :D hopefully that helps!

I should've done a video for Instagram but nobody wanted to help film me ;-;

'til then, take care!

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